ST Signature Lite

ST Signature Lite

Seeking to cater to hotel guests looking for short duration stay by hours, ST Signature Lite is launched. By providing block bookings throughout the day, we provide our guests with a choice of shorter bookings. Guests can also enjoy the privacy with our self check-in platform.

Intelligent space planning goes beyond the physical space into the time allocated for space used. Being an extension to the ST Signature brand, ST Signature Lite wants to fill up this void maximising the space to the fullest. Both the properties are certified SG Clean.

5 Hours AM at ST Signature

Bugis Beach
09:00 - 14:00 hrs

Jalan Besar
10:00 - 15:00 hrs

Suffering from Jetlag and the meeting is in the afternoon? Now you can have a few hours of rest to get yourself refreshed in an ensuite double bed cabin before your important meeting. Our self check-in platform allows you to check in 24 hours prior to arrival and save you on the time taken at the frontdesk.

Just have a few hours in Singapore and need a place to recharge before going to the next destination, ST Signature Lite is the place you rely on to have a good shower, savour nice local food and park your luggage for a quick shopping nearby.

5 Hours at ST Signature

Bugis Beach
16:00 - 21:00 hrs

Jalan Besar
17:00 - 22:00 hrs

Longing for an afternoon break from the hustle or just need some alone time with your loved one? A short day staycation may do the trick to revive you.
Be it alone, with your partner or just with a close friend, you can book the Cabin M to have a restful nap, or just to watch Netflix or have a private heart-to-heart talk away from the crowd, ST Signature Lite is your perfect choice.

The check-out time is just right to have a supper nearby at the various restaurants and cafes and this will end your day in a marvellous way.

8 Hours @ST Signature

Bugis Beach
23:00 - 07:00 hrs

Jalan Besar
24:00 - 08:00 hrs

Can’t find a hotel room elsewhere but need a roof over the head overnight? ST Signature can help solve this.
Book our private cabin with a fraction of what you paid elsewhere, you can now sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.

Staying at the end of Singapore but working overtime and need to be in office early the next morning? We are situated right in the CBD area. You can now save on cabfare and catch up with more sleep.