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Affordability and Convenience: Why Guests Choose to Stay at a Co-Living Hotel

In today’s modern age, people seek services that are convenient. When traveling out of town, you want to live in a comfortable space that is conveniently located in the heart of the city. You want the convenience of a hotel but with the added comfort of living in a home.

Despite this need for convenience, however, we are all still wary of the price tag. Not everyone is able to afford full-fledged hotel stays located in the heart of the city, so you settle for the next best thing—co-living spaces and their affordable luxury. 

This is why for travelers and businessmen, affordable luxury co-living hotels are the ideal place to stay in. But what exactly do these co-living hotels have that attract guests of all ages and backgrounds? To answer this, we must first know what a co-living space is.

What are Co-Living Hotels?

At the heart of it, co-living spaces are exactly what its name implies. You share communal spaces with others in a fully furnished dwelling.

Co-living hotels, on the other hand, offer much more. You get to enjoy the luxury and privacy of your own room and have the opportunity to mingle with other guests at the communal spaces at the same time. Community events are also organized for guests from time to time.

Additionally, these affordable co-living hotels hit two birds with one stone—convenience and affordable luxury. You’re only responsible for the room you’re staying in but are free to use all the equipment and appliances furnished in the entire dwelling— as long as you follow the house rules.

One such co-living hotel is found in the central area of Singapore, Tanjong Pagar. ST Signature Co-Living hotels are well-sought after because of their prime locations, fully furnished cabins, and affordable rates.

With so many selling points, affordability, convenience and a prime location, it’s no wonder co-living hotels have recently become the hottest hospitality trend in the country. Here’s what you need to know about ST Signature Co-Living Hotels and hop onto the trend.

The epitome of Affordable Luxury in Singapore

ST Signature is a smart co-living hotel and Katrina Group’s latest venture into the hospitality scene. They are a revolutionary co-living hospitality solution featuring intelligently designed and communal dwelling spaces. Featuring eco-friendly architecture and modern facilities, ST Signature creates a holistic approach to the concept of living large and communal, perfect for energetic travelers.

Hence, this co-living hotel encourages you to socialise with other guests. They offer fitness and yoga classes and encourages networking at the co-living spaces. You will love the number of amenities available just to make your stay in Singapore that much more memorable.

Need more reasons why this co-living hotel is special?

  • Incorporated smart technology

This co-living hotel puts emphasis on their use of smart technology, making them stand out from the rest. You don’t need to wait in lines to be served—all you have to do is check-in and check-out via the ST Signature Chat-In™ app.

With the app, you can check-in as early as 24 hours before your scheduled arrival. This feature helps you reserve ahead of time and avoid unnecessary delays when checking-in in person.

Their incorporation of smart technology doesn’t stop there. There is also a chat feature for hotel guests that allows you to befriend and interact with other guests without revealing private details like your cabin number. This allows you to connect with others without worrying about privacy issues.

Other features include keyless entry to cabins with igloo home locks and PIN access. Entry via Bluetooth is also in the works.

As a guest, you can also purchase attraction tickets within the country via the ST Signature app. All hassle-free!

Guest check-in via ST Signature's mobile app
Guest check-in via ST Signature’s mobile app
  • Conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and make sure every inch of space is accounted for, ST Signature made use of intelligent space planning and smart furniture design. Cabins are large enough to indulge in privacy without an excessive carbon footprint. The hotel also fine tunes their housekeeping and service operations to reduce energy consumption as much as possible via their wireless Internet-of-things system, SensorFlow.

For those of you who consciously play your part in protecting the environment, this is the hotel that stands right together with you.

  • State of the art hotel amenities

As ST Signature is one of the pioneers of affordable luxury, they have made it a point to design their hotel in a way that provides you with a luxurious co-living experience at a fraction of the price.

You get the entire affordable luxury experience with your choice of soft or hard mattresses. The communal washrooms feature premium and fair-trade bathroom amenities, such as The White Company or FAIR CosmEthics products. Other premium amenities in this co-living hotel include bidet toilets and Dyson hairdryers in the bathroom, along with a social kitchen. Guests are free to use appliances like the Miele coffee maker and microwave, which offer minimal manual operations, in their Cook Lab.

ST Signature Tanjong Pagar - Kitchen
ST Signature Tanjong Pagar
ST Signature Tanjong Pagar - Handwash Area
ST Signature Tanjong Pagar

With their customers’ comfort and convenience in mind, ST Signature certainly sets the bar high as a smart co-living hotel in Singapore.

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