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Affordable Staycation Ideas in Singapore

With the recent relaxation of COVID-19 regulations, many have begun to embark on holiday trips. Whether it's a trip to cosmopolitan cities like New York or scenic beach resorts on the island of Bali, people have begun jetting away on their long-awaited vacations. While an overseas trip might sound like the perfect way to put the pandemic behind us, there are other ways to escape the hubbub of city life. Staycations are a great way to unwind and relax without even needing to whip out your passport!

As the name suggests, staycations are vacations spent in one’s home country instead of overseas trips. Many people tend to use their time on staycations in Singapore to explore parts of the island that they have never visited before. Alternatively, many people opt for a relaxing staycation in a boutique hotel where they can kick back and relax.

As with any trip, one factor that can impact your choice of destination or in this case, choice of hotel is price. Perhaps one reason why people choose a staycation over a traditional vacation spent abroad is because of their budget. Without the need to travel, you are able to channel your savings into a better hotel or one that is situated in a scenic location on the island. If you are planning a cheap staycation in Singapore, you’re in luck! Keep scrolling to check out our top 3 affordable staycation ideas.

1. Chalets

Every Singaporean is probably familiar with chalets. They are a quintessential option when it comes to hosting birthday parties and family gatherings. Apart from being the perfect location for huge blowouts, chalets are a great and budget-friendly option for staycations. The price of chalets are usually dependent on several factors which include the time of year, whether it's off-peak or peak season and the length of your staycation. Needless to say, one way to plan a cheap staycation in Singapore is to plan your staycation during an off-peak season as the prices are reduced, sometimes by as much as a whopping 50 percent! Furthermore, the price range for chalets tend to hover around $100 to $400, but prices do experience a steep increase, especially during the school holidays or festive periods.

Another great way to save money is to scour online for great deals or check in with a friend or relative who works in the public service sector. As public servants, they have access to discounted rates. In fact, their rates are around 20 percent less than the fees paid by a member of the public. Don’t be shy to tap on these resources to get the best deal on chalet prices!

2. Boutique Hotels

Another way to plan a cheap staycation in Singapore is to book a room at a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels tend to be much smaller in scale than big-box chains. This means more personal attention from hotel staff and a more ambient setting for your long-awaited staycation. Due to their smaller size, boutique hotels are considered as more affordable hotels in Singapore. According to some sources, a boutique hotel costs around 10 to 20 percent less than a staycation at a bigger hotel chain like Hilton Hotels or Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts.

Perhaps one of the greatest plus points when having a staycation at a boutique hotel is their exceptional location. Many boutique hotels are nestled in the heart of Singapore’s various districts.

Don’t forget that a staycation isn’t just a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, it also offers you the chance to learn more about the rich heritage and history of our island nation.

ST Signature co-living hotels are also a wonderful choice if you need an affordable getaway. Enjoy the communal facilities and amenities with other like minded individuals. Make new friends and immerse in a unique experience, before you get back to the comforts and privacy of your cabin. Cabins with ensuite bathrooms are also available if you just want to focus on me-time.

3. Hotel Deals

To get the biggest bang for your buck, you should scour online for hotel deals. These can include promotional discounts that you can utilise through keying in promo codes or advanced booking discounts which rewards hotel visitors for making an early booking. Keep a keen eye out for these hotel discounts to get the best bang for your buck!

Book An Affordable Staycation in Singapore

Planning a value-for-money staycation is possible especially when you look out for great online deals and book your staycation during off-peak seasons. When planning a budget-friendly staycation, consider staying at an affordable hotel in Singapore like a boutique or co-living hotel which is usually nestled in one of Singapore’s many historical locales!

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