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This High-Tech Hotel In SG Is Perfect For An Affordable Staycation

1. Small in size, large on comfort

At first look, their hotels seem packed in into shophouses, but once you step inside, it feels like you’ve entered a whole new, larger-than-life world. They offer a variety of rooms that are suited to your preference and the number of guests with you. For those who are on a solo trip, the Cabin S range which offers single or double beds is perfect for you, while those with partners or a small group of friends would prefer the Cabin M or L range that has queen, single or double beds.

Some rooms have two decks, one on the upper and one on the lower deck; the ultimate space-saving trick. Each room is stylishly designed with modern minimalist elements and comes with a multi-purpose table for your meals or leftover work, beds that are firm on one side and soft on the other which can be flipped at your request and a smart TV that accounts for your binging needs. A few of their rooms do not have windows, but it definitely won’t be as claustrophobic as it sounds 🥴 Their hotels use an air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system to pump in the fresh air and the Sensorflow system to optimise energy usage, ensuring the quality of the air and reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.

The bathrooms, though, are the highlight of the hotel 🤩 The decorative lamps, warm lighting and panelled mirrors make for a perfect IG-worthy photo opportunity! Consider your bathing needs well taken care of with fancy amenities such as the Dyson hairdryers we ladies wish to own and sustainable, fragrant bath products from Fair CosmEthics and The White Company 😍 Some of their rooms share a communal bathroom and showers, but they also offer rooms with en suite toilets as well.

They also have other amenities such as a kitchen, laundry room, microwave and coffee machine, so it really feels as if you never left the comfort of your home. Such a level of pampering at a co-living hotel? Almost unheard of 😱

2. Where's all the fuss?

ST Signature is the first boutique hotel & a co-living hotel in Singapore with smart Chat-In™ technology, which makes checking in and out a breezy affair 🥳 It’s completely automated and done entirely on your mobile phones, so say goodbye to long waiting times and hello safe, quick check-ins! If you’re not sure how to do so, you can check out their step-by-step guide on their website.

Don’t worry though, there are community hosts around to help when you’re there! You can even check in as early as 24 hours prior to your arrival to receive room numbers and access codes beforehand.

Guests are also expected to use the chat platform to access most of the hotel’s services, such as placing your deposit, uploading passport details, and unlocking your room door with a digital key via Bluetooth. Now you have more time to enjoy your staycay than worrying about the tiny yet most frustrating parts of room bookings 🤯

3. It’s all about convenience

All four of their hotels are strategically located within popular spots: Bugis, Jalan Besar, flagship hotel Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown, so consider your halal food and tourist hopping activities covered during your staycay.  We got you covered with useful links to maximise your stay at ST Signature:

The hotels might be located near popular halal food spots, but sometimes you just want to lie down and do nothing all day! We get it, you’re in vacay mode 😌 In partnership with Katrina Group, enjoy 20% discount off your online food deliveries from Streats, So Pho and Bali Thai via ST Signature’s chat platform. If you’re as convinced as we are, you definitely have to book a room from their website by clicking this link right now.

The best part about this hotel is that they offer both full-day and short stays! Whether you choose to stay between 5 hours and 13 hours, or weeks (we can only wish though! 🥺), it’s all suited to your preferences. It’s rare to find hotels that provide convenient timing options, because sometimes a quick break is better than no break at all!

P.S. Only the ST Signature hotels at Jalan Besar and Bugis Beach offer short stay bookings.

4. Bang for the buck!

After reading through all of what they have to offer (this isn’t the exhaustive list, by the way 😱), you’ll be delighted to know that room rates start as low as $50 😱

Here's something special for our HHWT readers 😍 If you use our promo code HHWT22, you'll get 45% off standard rates from now till 30th June 2022! That's a promotion you absolutely can't miss! ST Signature hotels truly meet the checklist for millennials looking for a  unique yet affordable staycay: comfort, convenient, fuss-free and most importantly affordable. Consider all your future daycation and staycation plans with your friends or just yourself covered with ST Signature!

Addresses of hotels:  

ST Signature Tanjong Pagar  

32 Tras St, Chinatown Point, Singapore 078972  

ST Signature Jalan Besar  

15 Upper Weld Rd, Singapore 207372

ST Signature Bugis Beach  

85 Beach Rd, Chye Sing Building, Singapore 189694  

ST Signature Chinatown  

273A South Bridge Rd, Chinatown Point, Singapore 058822

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