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Tips To Consider When You Choose Affordable Hotels in Singapore

Whether it is the most awaited vacation or a quick last-minute getaway, the way we travel has certainly evolved. Today, location and destination aren’t just the only preferences people take into account when making travel plans. With guests craving novelty and the most convenient utilities from time to time, there are several others that follow. For instance budget, comfort and productive levels, travel companions, and quality of cleanliness all matter at the end of the day. In that order, below we dive into a few tips to get the best accommodation deal possible in the most affordable hotels in Singapore.

Go with a hotel that is affordable and convenient

A convenient accommodation while travelling means spending money which could burn a hole in your wallet. To keep things within the budget, a booking platform might help with scoring a strong knowledge on prices and availability of hotels in the area. And if you’re a busy business or leisure traveller looking to escape and still do your work, you can avail yourself of a cheap staycation like ST Signature in Singapore.

At affordable rates with monthly promotion deals, the hotel offers co-living spaces linking guest rooms to communal kitchen labs and meeting rooms with amenities most of which are automated and contactless. It’s the kind of laidback hangout where you get to share freshly brewed coffee with the business couple you just met a few cabins away from yours, all while attending a corporate function with everything you need at arm’s reach. 

Likewise it is necessary that you stay safe and protected

Since the COVID emergence began in 2019, people have been hit with waves of cancellations, be it for holiday vacations, events, or business trips worldwide. As such, many hotels have taken to implementing new standards to ensure their future tourists’ safety. To minimise physical contact, many have shifted their focus on private staycation spots. That way, ST Signature aligns very well with “the new normal.” Taking extra measures on hygiene and cleanliness, the hotel’s bathrooms are well-thought-out with either private or shared facilities using eco-friendly essential toiletry and smart fittings. A sensor flow system allows prompt alerts on energy consumption. 

Check if the hotel promotes a productive communal space

Today, remote working lets you work from anywhere in the world. Plus, with travel restrictions taking over daily commutes, the pandemic hasn't just changed the nature of work; it has changed the way people vacation too. After all, it doesn’t really matter whether you work while at home or on holiday. 

The good news is that with ST Signature, it is now possible to “Work From Hotels”. Come to think of it, home may not be the most conducive to productivity for families where both parents are employed. Instead, the private cabins and communal spaces with work-friendly amenities and a change of setting can free you from the daily grind.

When you’re not working, you can make the most of your new surroundings by doing yoga, chilling at different lounge corners or simply dining out on the rooftop while the stars take the stage for a beautiful night.

Find out about their smart hotel features

For the modern traveller, staying connected to electronic devices has been an important thing after having fast internet access. So much so, the need to utilise a multitude of digitally-interactive amenities has become essential. Hoteliers equipped with the latest technologies give more brand appeal. This is the advantage of ST Signature where guests can find self-check-ins at the lobby, keyless entry through the hotel’s downloadable In-App and chat online with community hosts for assistance without the need to physically meet another human.

It’s all because guests will expect personalisation not just in the room amenities, but how the hotel provides a holistic experience of the location. No doubt, the future of hospitality is diversely connected while being alone, together.

Is the luggage all packed for an affordable staycation in Singapore? Now is the right time to start looking for a place that fits your personal comforts without obstructing your work life. Visit our website for more details on how to make an early booking with ST Signature.

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