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What are heritage hotels?

Heritage hotels, buildings or places are steeped in both historical and cultural heritage. These structures have usually been built years or even centuries ago. They are usually gazetted by the local government to preserve these monuments even in the face of growing modernity. These monuments are also converted into tourist-friendly hotels so that visitors can explore Singapore’s rich history. 

Some notable heritage hotels in Singapore include Goodwood Park Hotel, Raffles Hotel Singapore and ST Signature Tanjong Pagar hotel located in the bustling Central Business District (CBD). 

One of the most famous heritage hotels in the island nation is The Fullerton. Built in 1928, this beautiful landmark served as Singapore’s General Post Office (GPO) among other roles. Fast forward nearly 94 years later to the present moment, it has now been converted to a luxurious hotel fitted with stylish rooms and breathtaking views of the Singapore River. 

Now that we have a better understanding of a heritage hotel, here are three reasons why booking a stay at a heritage hotel in Singapore is a must on your next visit! 

1. Heritage Hotels Offer A Glimpse Into Singapore’s Rich History

Perhaps one of the best reasons for staying at a heritage hotel is to experience Singapore’s rich history close-up. While Singapore is known for its iconic cityscape and towering skyscrapers, heritage hotels and other monumental landmarks still hearken back to the island nation’s humble beginnings. 

For example, some heritage hotels like ST Signature's flagship hotel at Tanjong Pagar are housed in a preserved shophouse. According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), shophouses in Singapore were built between the 1840s and the 1960s. This makes them a significant part of Singapore’s cityscape and an ode to the island’s rich heritage. 

When you stay in a heritage hotel like ST Signature Tanjong Pagar, you are able to truly appreciate the architecture of the monument and understand what life would have been like for its past inhabitants. For instance, a shophouse is made up of several different elements which includes the front facade which sets each shophouse apart and tends to differ depending on the year that it was built. 

Another element that is common in a shophouse is the ornate tiles that are used for the flooring. Some shophouses have brightly coloured tiles, while others may have a more simplistic approach by utilising brownish terracotta tiles. Imagine staying at a heritage hotel, where history jumps out at you from the detailed structure to the floor beneath your feet! 

2. Heritage Hotels Are In Walking Distance Of Good Food

Heritage hotels are usually located within walking distance of some great food! ST Signature Co-Living Hotels currently has 4 locations, namely Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, Jalan Besar and Bugis Beach Road. All of which are located near a plethora of amazing local and international cuisine. Choose from local eateries hidden in alleys, or go big with Michelin restaurants, or have a bite of everything on your bucket list in a food court, the options are endless in Singapore. 

Apart from enjoying the chic boutique hotel rooms available, you can also indulge in the food culture available at the ethnic enclave. From hearty Lebanese food on Bussorah Street to flavourful Chinese cuisine in the heart of the historic district of Chinatown, to a delectable meal in Little India a short walk from ST Signature Jalan Besar, you will be spoiled for choice with so many food options available. 

3. Heritage Hotels Are Usually Found In Prime Locations

Most heritage hotels are usually found in prime locations within Singapore. This could be due to their previous purposes as post offices and colonial buildings which were often formed in various hotspots around the city. 

With a rich history dating all the way back to a time before Singapore gained independence, many restored colonial buildings have witnessed Singapore grow from a struggling nation to a leading global city. On top of its history, the refurbished building of ST Signature Tanjong Pagar is also sitting on prime real estate. Just check out the different places you can travel to when you stay at this heritage hotel in Singapore

  • 5-minute walk to the CBD
  • 20-minute car ride to reach Singapore’s major civilian airport, Changi Airport
  • 5-minute walk to reach Chinatown
  • 10-minute car ride to Orchard Road
  • The nearest MRT Stations which include Tanjong Pagar and the newly opened Maxwell station are just a stone’s throw away

Stay At A Heritage Hotel In Singapore Today!

Staying at a heritage hotel in Singapore allows you to appreciate Singapore’s rich history and heritage. On top of being able to admire the historical value of these iconic buildings, you will also be able to explore the city while also enjoying our phenomenal food culture! 

Check in with us at ST Signature! Look forward to an indulgent and exciting experience with us when you stay at any of our four hotels in Singapore which are conveniently located in the heart of Singapore. Our four locations include Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, Bugis Beach and Jalan Besar. A stay at any of our hotels promises an unforgettable experience in the Lion City!

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