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What are the Advantages of Booking A Stay At An Instagrammable Hotel?

Social media has its fair share of influence on the way we travel and the hospitality sector now has to cater not only to ensure a comfortable stay but also to make their spaces Instagram-worthy. A growing number of individuals are constantly on the lookout for picturesque locations that can help them create impressive backdrops for their Instagram feed. This has led to the emergence of a new trend in the hospitality sector: the rise of "Instagrammable'' hotels. Read on to explore the advantages of booking a stay at one of these hotels and why they are fast becoming the preferred travel destination for people from all corners of the world. So, whether you're a travel blogger looking for a gorgeous backdrop for your Instagram photos or just someone who appreciates exceptional design and personalised experiences, keep reading to see why Instagram-worthy hotels should be on your travel checklist 

Benefits of Booking A Stay At An Instagrammable Hotel

  • Unique design 

Instagrammable hotels are distinguished by their unique and aesthetically appealing designs. These hotels may be smaller than typical chain hotels, but they are designed to be memorable and stand out from the crowd, with unique wall art and statement-making furniture pieces. Also, most Instagram-worthy hotels are housed in distinctive heritage buildings with a rich history, providing you with a unique accommodation experience than standard hotels. So, a stay at an Instagrammable hotel allows you to experience something entirely distinct from your past hotel experiences. 

  • Inspiration 

Staying at an Instagram-worthy hotel in Singapore might give you tons of ideas for your own home design or personal style. These hotels frequently highlight the most recent design concepts and provide an opportunity to see them in action. These hotels may be a terrific source of inspiration for people wishing to enhance their own living spaces, whether it’s the use of bright colours or innovative use of materials.

  • Instagram-worthy photo opportunities 

We all enjoy capturing images for social media. Instagram-worthy hotels in Singapore are created with photo opportunities around every turn. These hotels offer countless options for fantastic Instagram posts, from stunning views, cozy corners to unique backdrops or its vibrant vicinity.

  • Attractive locations 

Most of the Instagrammable hotels are found in popular and easily accessible locations with lots of interesting activities to do and places to explore. A stay at an Instagrammable hotel can be a chance to discover a new destination while enjoying trendy and comfortable lodgings, whether it's a bustling city or a culturally rich area.

  • Memorable experience 

Being a visitor at an Instagram-worthy hotel can be an unforgettable experience, as these hotels frequently provide special services and opportunities that are not found at other typical hotels. A visit to an Instagrammable hotel offers the opportunity to create lasting experiences. 

  • Boost your social media engagement 

Staying at an Instagrammable hotel can help enhance your social media engagement. These hotels are frequently tagged and shared on social media networks, and staying at one can help you enhance your visibility and engagement on these platforms.

  • Relaxation 

A visit to an Instagrammable hotel is still an opportunity to relax and decompress. These hotels provide welcoming and fashionable lodgings that contribute towards a very enjoyable and relaxing vacation.

  • Trend-setting 

Instagrammable hotels are frequently at the cutting edge of design and hospitality trends. Staying at one of these hotels allows you to enjoy the most up-to-date design, technology, and services. From smart check-ins or room features to environmentally friendly practices, these hotels can serve as a model for the hospitality industry as a whole.


Why Choose ST Signature Insta-worthy Co-Living Hotel?

  • Excellent locations 

All four of ST Signature's Co-Living Hotels are located in the heart of Singapore's most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods, providing quick access to the city's top attractions and letting visitors take in the sights of a bustling city while also immersing themselves in the local culture.

  • Unique and visually appealing interior design and decor

ST Signature has a distinct and appealing aesthetic that sets it apart from other hotels. The hotel rooms are designed in a cabin-style approach by combining current co-living and co-working culture with heritage architecture. 

  • Easy check-ins 

Travelers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, therefore, ST Signature has advanced with simple, self-check-ins that allow guests to check in with only a few clicks through a mobile app.

  • Amenities and services specifically designed for sociable and Instagram-savvy travellers

All the rooms place comfort first and have unique decor that combines the current co-living culture with the right amount of privacy. Communal facilities include shared bathrooms and the "Cook Lab" open concept kitchen contributes to social opportunities, to connect and mingle with the rest of a like-minded community.

  • A chance to experience the local culture and cuisine in an Instagram-worthy hotel 

The travellers get the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and cuisine, while also enjoying a comfortable and visually stunning hotel that will make for an excellent backdrop for sharing their experiences on social media.

  • A memorable and one-of-a-kind travel experience 

As the interior design and architecture of ST Signature Instagram-worthy hotels are often carefully crafted to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience, this makes it a memorable part of their travel journey.

ST Signature differentiate themselves from other chain hotels that follow a standard layout, and instead position themselves as one of the best Instagram-worthy hotels in Singapore. Relax and enjoy an affordable premium boutique hotel on your upcoming holiday at ST Signature Co-Living Hotels, Singapore.

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