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What Is A Day Use Hotel Booking?

Many hotels in Singapore offer day use bookings now, where a customer will only use a hotel room for a shorter period of time like for a couple of hours during the day or night. They are a great and cost-effective option to consider especially when exploring bustling cities like Singapore. 

Far from just being a perfect hotel option when travelling overseas, day use hotels are also perfect for staycations. If you are not up for an overnight stay, you can look forward to spending at least 8 to 12 hours away from the hubbub of your everyday routine to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. 

Here are three ways a day hotel will be perfect for you whether you are here as a traveller ready to explore the Lion City or as someone who just wants to enjoy your ‘day-cation’. 

1. Flexibility To Explore The City

Day use hotels are growing in popularity in major cities around the world like Paris, Milan and Singapore. Needless to say, these cities have several things in common including a colourful nightlife and a perfect marriage between modernity and history. 

Singapore, for example, has grown from a meagre trading port to a celebrated destination for its phenomenal food culture and breathtaking skyline. Like any great city, Singapore truly comes to life once the sun sets. Whether you are looking to embark on a gastronomical adventure at Maxwell Food Centre or revel in the party scene at Clark Quay, you will surely need to rest up during the day. This is where a day use hotel will prove especially useful! 

You can rent a day use hotel for several hours as a way to rest before a big night on the town. What’s more, day hotels often come equipped with a variety of facilities and amenities, so that you can enjoy some rest and relaxation before you engage in some exhilarating nocturnal activities. 

2. Perfect For Business Trips

Of course, Singapore isn’t just renowned for its bustling nightlife. With its strategic location in Asia, it is a business epicentre for the region. On top of the fact that a variety of multinational companies (MNC) have selected Singapore as a place to set up their business, the Lion City was also voted as the second easiest place in the world to do business as per a study by World Bank in 2019. 

Due to Singapore’s role as a global business hub, it is quite normal for the city to receive many transit and/or business travellers. Some business travellers may stay for several days with schedules jammed packed with conferences and meetings. On the other hand, some business travellers will go to a certain destination for a brief meet up with regional partners, stakeholders and colleagues. In such cases, it's fairly common for those travelling for business to select to book a short stay at a day use hotel. 

For most business travellers that are here for a short while, they are looking for several benefits of a day use hotel which includes fuss-free, speedy and contactless services like self check-in. For example, at ST Signature, we offer a self check-in service which makes the checking in and out process a breeze. When a booking is made easier by automation, business travellers are able to meet their busy schedules which usually involves flying in and out of a city within a day. 

3. Meet New People!

If you’re in town as a solo traveller exploring Singapore during transit, then a day use hotel is the perfect place to stay. What’s more you can stay at a co-living hotel like ST Signature! ST Signature is one of the first boutique co-living hotels in the nation and we pride ourselves with offering travellers exciting communal facilities where they can meet with fellow travellers. 

Here’s just some of the great ways you can connect with fellow guests at any of our locations:

  • Cook Lab: If you’re missing food from home, enjoy cooking up a storm out of our communal kitchen. Plus, with other travellers in the communal kitchen, you’re sure to learn new tips and tricks to mastering dishes from around the world! 
  • Co-Living Spaces: If you’re just looking to kick back and relax, why not make yourself comfortable at our cosy communal living spaces where you can enjoy mingling with other guests (and perhaps even plan a travel itinerary together!)
  • Smart Chat-In Technology: What’s more, we offer smart chat-in technology so you can connect easily with other guests. If this is your first time in Singapore, or if you will only be in the city for a few hours, hit up other guests to see if they have any food or travel recommendations!

Even if you’re only in the Lion City for a few hours, you can still enjoy one of the best benefits when it comes to travelling; making friends on the road! 

4. Plan Your Day-cation At A Day Use Hotel

As the old saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and this is especially true for daycations at a day use hotel. When you stay at a day use hotel, you are able to switch up your usual routine and enjoy a few hours of me-time. 

It’s needless to say that a day-cation is a much more affordable option than staying at a hotel for several nights. What’s more, you get to use the variety of amenities at the hotel without needing to stay overnight. For most Singaporeans, a day-cation is a great way to enjoy a day without having to think about their hectic schedules at work or in the home. 

A day-cation can also be used as a way to explore Singapore and uncover hidden gems in the city, but it all boils down to location. That’s why at ST Signature, we have hotels conveniently located in 4 locations including Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, Jalan Besar and Bugis Beach! When you stay at one of our many hotels, you are able to discover more about Singapore - from new eating hotspots to our nation’s rich history. 

Just take our hotel at Tanjong Pagar as a prime example of re-discovering our island nation. This particular ST Signature hotel has been built in a conserved island shophouse which is beautifully juxtaposed with its location in Singapore’s iconic Central Business District (CBD). Not only will you be able to enjoy the history and nostalgia of the shop house, but you will also be able to delight in the wide variety of eateries, local & international cuisine found in the area. 

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Check in with us at ST Signature! With our automated booking system and boutique co-living spaces, ST Signature has revolutionised the hotel scene in Singapore. Look forward to an transcendent and exciting experience with us when you stay at any of our 4 co-living hotels in Singapore.

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