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What Makes a Hotel Unique?

A unique hotel in Singapore offers an alternative to the common lodging that many other hotels provide. The demand for unique hotels is rising in the hotel industry as more people are traveling than ever before. Hotels without a unique character and/or aesthetic appeal will not have much to tempt  travelers to stay and experience Singapore differently.


What Is a Unique Hotel?

A unique hotel is one that stands out for having one or more special qualities. Simply put, some hotels stick out more than others. They might have a distinctive setting, magnificent architecture, or clever interior design in an eye-catching environment. Whether they are high-end luxury hotels or little boutique inns, these are the places that tourists will go out of their way to experience. Each of these hotels will provide something that other hotels simply do not, a quality that will put them on every traveler's bucket list. 

Every visitor would think about the features and amenities provided by the hotel before choosing one to ensure their stay to be better and  comfortable. The characteristics of a hotel will reflect its image and reputation while also highlighting how unique it is in comparison to other facilities in the industry. 


Characteristics That Make a Hotel Unique From Other Hotels


  • Location

A hotel's location can distinguish it from others if it is in a stunning or fascinating area. For instance, a hotel that is close to tourist destinations and activities, such as one that is on a beach or in the middle of a busy city, can be regarded as unique.

For example, ST Significance Jalan Besar (SG Clean) is situated close to Little India's vibrant culture, traditional aesthetics, and numerous artistic endeavours. It is a short 5-10 minute walk to the Rochor and Little India MRT stations from the Jalan Besar MRT station. Little India is home to the famous Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which is adorned with colourful statues of Hindu deities and street art on a few streets. Jalan Besar is a compact, trendy neighbourhood with unique cafes that serve specialty coffee and creative modern cuisine. Nearby attractions include City Square Mall, Sim Lim Square, and Mustafa Center. So this location makes Jalan Basar a unique hotel in Singapore because of its special location. 

  • Design 

If a hotel has an especially striking or outlandish design, it may stand out as unique. An ingenious hotel might be one that is designed like a ship or a castle, for instance.

The ST Signature, Tanjong Pagar can be considered as a unique hotel due to its location in an old shophouse that has been carefully preserved. Shophouses were constructed in Singapore between the 1840s and the 1960s, according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). This elevates them to the status of an important architectural feature of Singapore and a tribute to the island's rich history. So tourists are more likely to choose a hotel like Tanjong Pagar for their stay as they get the opportunity to fully appreciate the structure of the building and get a sense of what life was like for the area's former occupants during their stay there. So it makes Tanjong Pagar stand out as a unique hotel in Singapore. Even though it is a co-living hotel with constrained space, it is cleverly designed to make the most of the space available. Each cabin, whether it has an ensuite or not, is small but cosy and functional. 

  • Amenities 

If a hotel offers luxurious or unusual amenities, this can set it apart from the competition. A hotel with a spa, a golf course, or a rooftop pool, for instance, would be regarded as special because of the upscale amenities it provides.

For example, ST Signature Chinatown (SG Clean), can be considered as a unique hotel in Singapore with the facilities it entails. The elegantly decorated 40-room co-living hotel space, which was thoughtfully created to offer a restful stay and a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience, is located among the cultural hotspots and tourist-oriented boutiques. In order to meet the varied needs of our guests, this hotel offers a diverse range of public areas. The cook lab, which uses Miele equipment, as well as other pockets of seating and workspaces are among our many communal areas. So, when compared with other hotels, St Signature Chinatown hotel is unique with these special facilities provided to its customers. 

  • Atmosphere

When a hotel has a cosy, romantic, or contemporary atmosphere, it can stand out from the competition. For instance, a bed and breakfast would be thought of as a unique hotel because of the warm and inviting atmosphere it offers, as well as the personalised service.

For instance, due to its reasonable price, ST Signature hotel stands out as a unique hotel in Singapore where visitors can have a special stay. With their savings, visitors can embark on a local food adventure. The secure and contactless self-check-in process through the mobile app has further distinguished ST Singapore hotels as distinctive hotels from others. Guests can also get in touch with the hotel staff directly through the app or through WhatsApp 24/7.


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