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Why Co-Living Is the Future of Traveling?

Co-living has established its prominence in the traveling business as the hottest travel trend overseas. Co-living hotels are quickly leaving their mark all over the world and unsurprisingly, slipping into Singapore, too. It is no surprise why it would be the future of traveling because co-living arrangements are an innovative, fun, and socially responsible way of living abroad !

Co-living getaway hotels entail travelers of the privacy they need in their personal rooms, yet provide enough social engagement in common shared areas such as the kitchen or workspaces. Most properties providing co-living arrangements come with an array of different types of rooms available for selection. Some have shared bathrooms while others offer full bathrooms for that extra oomph of privacy. The flexibility and versatility of co-living arrangements allow travelers to customize their accommodation according to their preferences and to fit every budget.

Room with loft bed

Co-living businesses in Singapore pride themselves on providing high-quality and reliable fully furnished living spaces and amenities so that travelers can unwind and focus on their experiences without having to fret over facilities. Some co-living hotels in Singapore even have yoga classes, in-house workshops, and local tours! With fully equipped amenities and extensive programs, co-living accommodations create a home everywhere in the world!

For whom

The element of shared common spaces that are unorthodox to regular hotels grants interaction and bonding amongst guests of co-living hotels. Co-living encapsulates the spirit of community and exploration. In an environment where it feels like comfort out of home, guests require minimal effort to step out of their comfort zones to socialize and meet new people. In a co-living getaway hotel, like-minded people from all walks of life come together for the same agenda; travel. A time where your background did not matter, you can cast your troubles aside and fully immerse yourself in having fun.

Through co-living, you are able to meet people from different countries and different occupations, people you do not normally get the chance to know in your regular life. Imagine the dynamics of a group where a doctor, student, housewife, businessman, and backpacker come together and the kind of sparks they would ignite. Isn’t it exciting? Thus, co-living is perfect for people who are adventurous, or even those trying to be, and wish to meet new people to broaden their horizons and expand their connections. Co-living allows travelers to create meaningful relationships with others through everyday life.

Co-living and Co-working

A peculiar way of utilizing co-living accommodations is for travelers who have never gotten a chance to stay in hostels during their years as a student to relive their youth a little and experience the next thing closest to dorm life. However, this time indulges in an elevated experience that is luxurious and stresses on guests’ privacy.


Work Lab - Guest working

Co-living getaway hotels are also beginning to be increasingly popular amongst travelers on business trips. This could be because business trips usually pan over a relatively long period of time and co-living is the apparent cozier choice than a month-long hotel stay per se, with its true-to-home or better amenities and social interaction between co-living mates. Co-living businesses in Singapore can be great for networking especially for start-ups, teambuilding or bonding for business partners, stopovers for business trips, and getting the boredom out of travelling alone.

Beyond living

Many co-living businesses, even the co-living hotels in Singapore, go the extra mile to host interesting events like food tasting exploration trips around Singapore to engage and enrich their guests, as well as promote further bonding amongst guests. As a result, travelers will develop a deeper connection to the country, the co-living hotel, and fellow co-living hotel guests. Travelers feel a stronger sense of belonging with their co-living accommodations as compared to other accommodations.

Co-living foreshadows how traveling abroad will be like in the future. It is trendy, fun, and reliable. Are you ready to book your co-living Singapore accommodation the next time you travel overseas?

Guest in Lobby Chatting

The Signature Xperience

A rising star in the co-living business in Singapore and is definitely noteworthy of potential co-living patrons’ attention is ST Signature. ST Signature provides lush co-living arrangements at economical prices. Its 4 hotels are strategically located in the heart of Singapore. They are namely Tanjong PagarChinatownJalan Besar, and Bugis Beach. Each location is situated in an area of distinguishing features and surrounded by an array of restaurants. Take Chinatown for example; guests are enveloped in and can learn of Singapore’s rich heritage just by staying in the neighborhood.

ST Signature is the first co-living hotel concept with smart ‘Chat-In’ technology offering self-check-in. Its hotels are fully furnished with exquisite amenities such as Dyson hairdryers and Miele ovens and coffee machines. Housekeeping is also provided on the daily to keep the rooms and space squeaky clean.

ST Signature frequently hosts events such as workshops, classes, and tours in the vicinity of its hotels to entertain its guests actively. These activities are aimed to educate guests on the knowledge of Singapore and encourage more effective use of their time.

You are assured of a comfortable, smart, grand, AND enriching stay with ST Signature. Book now to ascertain the truth in this yourselves!



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