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Your Perfect Insta-Worthy Co-Living Hotel Staycation

Gaining popularity in recent times, hotels that primarily facilitate community engagement are part of a new wave of brands entering the industry. For better understanding of this, we invite you to familiarise yourself with a truly unique hotel concept as well as all the reasons why boutique hotels in Singapore designed for co-living are the ideal choice for travellers who feel disconnected from companionship when visiting a new city.

With most of the amenities preferred in a distinctive atmosphere, co-living boutique hotels are independently run with some stunning accessories. These hotels are quite socially intimate while still being able to embody their own style and character. 

Why Choose The Co-living Luxury Boutique Experience?

A refreshing take on shared guest experiences, ST Signature blurs the line between traditional hotels and a well-defined meeting hub with a boutique ambiance. Every space puts more value on social interaction and helps establish networks as easy as possible so you can make the most of your staycation away from home.

1. Unbeatable Location

Giving high regard to wellness and the shifting of lifestyles today, modern co-living accommodations promise easy access to major hotspots, allowing guests to take in the sights of a bustling metropolis while also immersing themselves in local culture. After all, travellers commute hundreds of miles to take respite in a city that makes them feel different from the usual.

Four of ST Signature’s properties sit smack in the middle of the most highly spirited entertaining districts in Singapore. Telling landmarks such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Chinatown), Jinrikisha Station (Tanjong Pagar), Indian Heritage Center (Jalan Besar), and Marina Bay Sands (Bugis Beach) are some of the most significant highlights in Singapore’s history standing the test of time. All the hotels can be reached within walking distance of wallet-friendly boulevards, MRT stations, hospitals, shophouses, and an active nightlife where the parties go on till the next day.

2. Eccentric Architectural Concept

Thanks to their uniquely curated architectural layout and interior decor, co-living boutique hotels in Singapore never seem to lose their charm. Often playing with a theme, they bring in a non-linear elegance to the hotel. ST Signature exemplifies a cabin-style approach. Marrying the current coworking culture with heritage architecture, all rooms put comfort at the forefront and are decorated differently. Stylish upholstery, windowless options, and contemporary accessories characterise the interiors. Aside from unisex bathrooms, the open concept kitchen known as the ‘Cook Lab’ works in favour of a truly authentic feature. 

3. Tech-Centric Services

Because co-living hotels are more inventive in both their service and approach to hospitality, they value experiences that are inclusive and tech-centric. As travellers spend a significant amount of time on mobile devices, ST Signature has stepped ahead with fuss-free, self-check-ins to enter the hotel with just a few clicks. 

Guests can download the ST Signature Chat-In™ app where they can access their individual cabin using Bluetooth or PIN code verification. This means lesser waiting times during busy seasons, more privileged member benefits, and instant gratification. Adhering to each guest’s requirements, chat technology has replaced the traditional front-office reservation system found in chain hotels. No uniform-clad concierge and no lobby boy are necessary. Through the Signature Xperience, online chats with a host activate the accommodation booking process fully controlled by the guest. 

4. Exquisite Attention To Details

Emphasising communal dimensions, such a hotel is ambitious in its presentation— the very reason why their impressive attention to details meets all the criteria for an Instagram-worthy staycation. At ST Signature, the common areas spotlight a perfect mix of private and co-living tranquility. Guests can take in views of nature’s colourful display as they relax on the open-air lawn space. What’s more, the entrance at Chinatown’s property doesn’t disappoint in delivering an upscale and historic ambiance. Eccentric is another motif notable throughout the hotel and pops up in creative details further establishing the hotels’ choice in setting themselves apart from chain hotels that adhere to a generic arrangement.

Holistic With A Modern Flair

If you’re hoping to unwind and enjoy the finest boutique hotel for your next holiday, make sure you choose the ST Signature where you get to discover a co-living experience at its finest in cabin-style rooms with custom amenities, and gastronomic wonders all while embracing the zero-carbon trend. Book a room now!

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