The Signature Xperience

The Signature Xperience

The Signature Xperience

The Signature Xperience is specially designed as a unique guest experience for all who comes through ST Signature.

To us, the X in Xperience means full score, 10/10, and it is also how our paths crossed at ST Signature. We strive to create a one-of-a-kind accommodation option, one that truly reflects our core values which are Intelligence, Luxury, Community and Value, through the various touch points at our co-living hotel.

To get you started, you can browse through the following articles to get yourself familiar with the journey with ST Signature. Your Xperience begins now!

Xperience Singapura Seasons Cover

Singapura Seasons

Living large is our hotel’s motto, to live large beyond decadence, to live large responsibly. Living large is also about celebrating life’s important moments and thinking beyond self gratification. It is about cherish the “nows” and doing one’s best for all the “tomorrows”. Collaborating with Edwin Koo, Singapore documentary Photographer, The Singapura Season is thus born, to see the stories of Singapore heroes at our humble premises, real life live large examples through his lenses.
Chat-in Co-living Guide

Chat-In and Co-Living Guide

Get a head start on how to have a smooth self check-in before arrival and more about co-living at our ST Signature Co-living hotels.

Community Hosts

Fang, leading our community hosts, is also responsible for the overall set up and operations of our hotels. Venturing into the hospitality industry 7 years ago, everyday is an enjoyable process as she embraces the Living Large spirits – treating others with chivalry and boundless curiosity because everyone has their stories.

~ Fang, Chief Host

Embracing the Living Large spirits, Dayah picks up opportunities during work to meet many like-minded individuals and enjoys watching and sharing their growth and journey in life.

~ Hidayah, Community Host

“We all have to learn from failures, they always lead to success.” Inspired greatly by a quote from Thomas A Edison, Ryan is one who always pick himself up with relentless drive, a true Living Large spirit of never giving up.

~ Ryan, Community Host

Catch Alvin at our hotels and he’s always happy to share his current Netflix watchlist and reviews on the past series. By incorporating the Living Large spirit, he also lives by the belief that there is nothing that cannot be done, and every problem has a solution.

~ Alvin, Community Host